Issues with Planhat App in EU and US2 Regions

Affected services: Application US2, API US2, Application EU, API EU
Planhat App might be slow or temporary unavailable in EU and US2 regions. Our team is on it!
Sep 30th, 9:36:44 PM +00:00
Our hosting provider has created an incident report available here ( and we are working with them to resolve this as soon as possible.
Sep 30th, 9:49:37 PM +00:00
Systems became available again 60 minutes ago. Our engineering team will continue to monitor the situation.
Oct 1st, 12:17:13 AM +00:00
Our hosting provider reported that the issue is fully solved now. We can confirm that all Planhat services are fully available.
Oct 1st, 11:16:52 AM +00:00